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Giving a Great Presentation

Jun 09, 2015 | Education

We a had a great panel to discuss public speaking and giving a great presentation. Most people hate public speaking but it is a core skill for ultrasound fellows and faculty. We covered how to differentiate yourself using effective proven techniques, including:

  • Analyzing your audience and how to best reach them
  • Developing your message
  • Storyboarding
  • How to design slides and visuals
  • Speaking tips
  • Measuring the impact of your presentation

Check out Resa Lewiss's and Chris Fox's TED talks for examples of great presentations. Also be sure to check out the resources our panel recommends in the links below.

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SAEM San Diego Wrap Up

May 27, 2015 | Education, Research

We had a great meeting wrapping up this year's SAEM meeting in San Diego. We covered everything ultrasound related that happened at the meeting, including the consensus conference, US pre-course, didactics, AEUS meeting, SonoGames 2015, and best research abstracts.

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SAEM Digital Tools Didactic

May 14, 2015 | Education

Srikar Adhikari and I gave a didactic at SAEM 15 in San Diego covering digital tools for ultrasound education.

We covered web based training, high fidelity simulation, QA middleware, screen capture software, SonoRoundtable, file sharing applications, Twitter, websites, blogs, online quizzes, image banks, mobile apps, video conferencing, and flipped classroom methods.

Download the slides with links here.

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Joint AEUS-SonoRoundtable Journal Club - Learning Curves in Emergency Ultrasound Education

Apr 29, 2015 | Research, Education, Clinical ultrasound

We had another great combined AEUS-SonoRoundtable Journal Club, reviewing Blehar DJ, Barton B, Gaspari RJ. Learning Curves in Emergency Ultrasound Education. Acad Emerg Med. 2015.

Julie St-Cyr Bourque and Brooke Hensley, the ultrasound fellows from Mass General, coordinated our critical review. They did an excellent job reviewing the methods, results, and discussing the findings of the study. Different learning curves were generated for each of the ACEP core ultrasound applications, and plateau points were defined for each study.

Dave Blehar and Romolo Gaspari, two of the authors, were online and expanded on several aspects of the study. They chose to use plateau points to avoid using assumed cutoffs. Most studies were close to the plateau point with excellent test characteristics at around 50 exams, although some were sooner, and some never stopped improving.

This is a game changing study and has several implications for education and training. We had several great questions from the audience and had an excellent discussion. Plus we got to see Matt Field's back yard and Jeremy Boyd's sun room.

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Joint AEUS-SonoRoundtable Journal Club - Appendicitis

Mar 29, 2015 | Research, Education, Clinical ultrasound

We had a great AEUS-SonoRoundtable Journal Club covering point-of-care ultrasound for appendicitis. We covered 2 papers, Fox et al., Prospective evaluation of emergency physician performed bedside ultrasound to detect acute appendicitis., and Sivitz et al, Evaluation of acute appendicitis by pediatric emergency physician sonography.

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Joint AEUS-SonoRoundtable Journal Club - Airway Ultrasound

Feb 08, 2015 | Research, Education

The fellows from North Shore and the University of Utah reviewed 4 articles covering ultrasound for endotracheal tube placement, ultrasound for prediction of difficult airways, and ultrasound-guided surgical airways.

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