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Upcoming Live Meeting Dates (Feb - June 2015)

Jan 28, 2015 | Admin, Advocacy, Clinical ultrasound, Education, Research

Save the following dates for our upcoming live meetings. Times TBD.

  • Wednesday, May 6 - Joint AEUS Journal Club
  • Thursday, May 28 - SAEM San Diego Wrap Up
  • Friday, June 17 - Giving a GREAT Presentation with Bret Nelson, Resa Lewiss, and others

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ACEP 2014 Scientific Assembly in Chicago Wrap Up

Nov 05, 2014 | Admin, Education, Research, Advocacy

We had a great meeting wrapping up the recent ACEP 2014 Scientific Assembly in Chicago. The panel included Chris Raio, Resa Lewiss, Alfredo Tirado, Tobias Kummer, Srikar Adhikari, and others from the ACEP US Section. We discussed everything ultrasound related that happened at the meeting, including the US management course, the Industry Roundtable and US Section meetings, the best research from the Research Forum, and all the latest ultrasound equipment from the show floor.

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Emergency Ultrasound and Certification

Aug 08, 2014 | Clinical ultrasound, Advocacy

Thanks to our panel for a great discussion about certification of emergency physicians to perform ultrasound. This is an evolving and controversial topic, and we identified several key areas of focus and actions to take moving forward. We also reviewed of the recent ACEP consensus statement regarding external certification.

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Quality and Politics Discussion with Paul Sierzenski MD

Mar 17, 2014 | Admin, Advocacy

Paul Sierzenski lead a fantastic discussion which included topics related to government, reimbursement, and patient safety and quality.

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State of the Ultrasound Union

Feb 17, 2014 | Admin, Advocacy, Clinical ultrasound, Education

We had a great panel discussion about the current state and future directions of emergency ultrasound. Our panel included Vicki Noble, Mike Mallin, Srikar Adhikari, Jerry Chiricolo, Raj Geria, and Steve Leech. Thanks to our panel and participants for another great meeting!

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ACEP 2008 Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines

Nov 17, 2013 | Admin, Advocacy, Clinical ultrasound, Education, Research

Vivek Tayal gave a great presentation on the ACEP 2008 Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines.

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