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Highlights from 2013 ACEP Scientific Assembly

Oct 20, 2013 | Admin

We had several great speakers on this month's SonoRoundtable wrapping up the ACEP 2013 Scientific Assembly in Seattle.

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CUAP discussion wrap up

Oct 01, 2013 | Admin

Thanks to Raj Geria, Mike Mallin, Jerry Chiricolo, and Vivek Tayal for a great presentation about ACEP's new Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program (CUAP). We had a great discussion about accreditation and how the CUAP will meet our needs going forward. This was followed by an interactive question and answer session where fellows and faculty had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with our panel.

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ACEP’S Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program (CUAP)

Sep 25, 2013 | Admin

Raj Geria and Mike Mallin presented a summary of ACEP's new Clinical Ultrasound Accreditation Program (CUAP). Jerry Chiricolo and Vivek Tayal provided some background on accreditation and other specialties' approaches and alternatives.

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