State of the Ultrasound Union

Presenters: Vicki Noble MD, Srikar Adhikari MD, Jerry Chiricolo MD, Mike Mallin MD, Raj Geria MD, Steve Leech MD
Feb 19, 2014 | Admin, Advocacy, Clinical Ultrasound, Education

We had a great panel discussion about the current state and future directions of emergency ultrasound. Our panel included Vicki Noble, Mike Mallin, Srikar Adhikari, Jerry Chiricolo, Raj Geria, and Steve Leech. Thanks to our panel and participants for another great meeting!

We covered an number of discussion topics including:

  • New and emerging US applications people are using in their current practice
  • Resident training and the US milestone
  • Fellows and their role now and in the future
  • Emergency US in the changing model of healthcare
  • Equipment features people would like to see

Video timecodes:

00:00 - New ultrasound applications
12:13 - Resident training
22:50 - Resident training milestones
31:17 - Role of fellows now and in the future
44:45 - Role of ultrasound in healthcare environment
54:08 - Ultrasound equipment wishlist