Social Media and Twitter in medical education

Presenters: Jason Nomura MD
Jul 31, 2013 | Education

Jason Nomura gave a fantastic presentation about social media and Twitter in medical education. He emphasized how social media and specifically Twitter can be used to help engage learners.

He reviewed the rapidly growing body of literature regarding social media in medical education, and showed the impact Twitter can have on disseminating information at conferences with the ability to spread "grey literature". He also covered the basics of Twitter including handles, hash tags, and how to respond to other users. The biggest advantage of Twitter over blogs and other means of social media is the ease of use and ability to rapidly and conveniently produce content. Resa Lewiss joined the discussion and shared her experience with social media. Jason is our social media chair and is responsible for our Twitter feed @SonoRoundtable. Thanks to Jason and Resa for a great presentation and discussion.