Joint AEUS-SonoRoundtable Journal Club - Ultrasonography Versus Computed Tomography For Suspected Nephrolithiasis

Presenters: Ralph Wang MD, John Bailitz MD, Jill Corbo MD, Ruth Goldstein MD, Mike Mallin MD, Vicki Noble MD, Jessica Wang MD, Matt Fields MD, Steve Leech MD
Nov 05, 2014 | Clinical Ultrasound, Research

We had another great combined journal club with the SAEM Academy Of Emergency Ultrasound and reviewed the recent landmark NEJM article Ultrasonography Versus Computed Tomography For Suspected Nephrolithiasis.

Several authors of the study, including Ralph Wang, John Bailitz, Jill Corbo, Ruth Goldstein, Vicki Noble, and Jessica Wang, were on this month’s panel. Ralph Wang did an in-depth review of the study, and several panelists talked about the logistics and behind the scenes aspects of such a large study.

We had a great discussion regarding details of the study, how this study can change clinical practice, as well as future directions for additional research.

Video timecodes:
00:00 - Presentation
26:00 - Discussion