Highlights from SAEM 2014 Dallas

Presenters: Steve Leech MD, Matt Fields MD, Andrew Liteplo MD, Jason Nomura MD, Srikar Adhikari MD
May 28, 2014 | Research, Education

Thanks to Matt Fields, Andrew Liteplo, Srikar Adhikari, and Jason Nomura for helping us wrap up the SAEM 2014 meeting. We reviewed all things ultrasound related from this years meeting in Dallas. During this month's SonoRoundtable meeting, we covered the ultrasound pre course, the academy meeting, Matt's plans and direction for 2014-15, cutting edge research abstracts, SonoGames 2014, and the ultrasound didactics.

Video timecodes:
00:00 - Welcome
00:32 - AEUS Ultrasound Precourse
04:32 - AEUS Ultrasound Business Meeting
17:40 - Research Abstracts
39:03 - SonoGames
53:59 - Didatics
59:12 - Social Media