Highlights from 2013 ACEP Scientific Assembly

Presenters: Chris Raio MD, Raj Geria MD, Vivek Tayal MD, Jason Nomura MD, Srikar Adhikari MD, Steve Leech MD, Mike Mallin MD
Oct 30, 2013 | Admin

We had several great speakers on this month's SonoRoundtable wrapping up the ACEP 2013 Scientific Assembly in Seattle.

Chris Raio, the incoming ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section chair, gave an overview of his goals and vision for the upcoming year. He specifically cited several areas of action including certification and ARDMS issues, revising the subcommittee structure, industry roundtable updates, working on joint FAST guidelines with AIUM and ACS, updates to the Imaging Criteria Compendium, and plans for interaction with SEMPA.

Raj Geria also covered section activities for the past year, including Resolution 33, the ASE controversy and ACEP's response, issues surrounding ARDMS, and the workflow toolkit.

Vivek Tayal provided a brief wrap up of the US Management Course, which expanded to 2 tracks and had record attendance.

Jason Nomura, our social media chair, discussed the social media aspects of #ACEP13.

Srikar Adhikari, our research section chair, and Steve Leech reviewed highlights from the ACEP Research Forum, with specific attention to abstracts 13, 57, 78, 80, 86, 88, 211, 216, 243, 246, and 250 .

Mike Mallin gave a brief summary of CUAP as it rolled out officially at ACEP 2013, and talked about feedback and plans moving forward.

We ended with our fellow's case of the month, which was a case of appendicitis. Pertinent US findings of appendicitis were reviewed. Thanks to Jill Davison for submitting this case.