Emergency Ultrasound and Certification

Presenters: Chris Raio MD, Resa Lewiss MD, Jerry Chiricolo MD, Vivek Tayal MD, Raj Geria MD, Srikar Adhikari MD, Rob Huang MD, Jason Nomura MD, Steve Leech MD
Aug 14, 2014 | Clinical Ultrasound, Advocacy

Thanks to our panel for a great discussion about certification of emergency physicians to perform ultrasound. This is an evolving and controversial topic, and we identified several key areas of focus and actions to take moving forward. We also reviewed of the recent ACEP consensus statement regarding external certification.

We had a great panel this month including Chris Raio, Resa Lewiss, Jerry Chiricolo, Vivek Tayal, Raj Geria, Srikar Adhikari, Dave Bahner, Jason Nomura, and Rob Huang among others.

Thanks to everyone that joined in on the discussion!