ACEP 2014 Scientific Assembly in Chicago Wrap Up

Presenters: Chris Raio MD, Resa Lewiss MD, Alfredo Tirado MD, Tobias Kummer MD, Srikar Adhikari MD, Steve Leech MD
Nov 26, 2014 | Admin, Education, Research, Advocacy

We had a great meeting wrapping up the recent ACEP 2014 Scientific Assembly in Chicago. The panel included Chris Raio, Resa Lewiss, Alfredo Tirado, Tobias Kummer, Srikar Adhikari, and others from the ACEP US Section. We discussed everything ultrasound related that happened at the meeting, including the US management course, the Industry Roundtable and US Section meetings, the best research from the Research Forum, and all the latest ultrasound equipment from the show floor.